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New Irish Quality Standard for Blulift

Blulift recently introduced the Blulift Standard, a new Quality Mark used for quality control on all aspects of the business from Hire, Service, Training and Maintenance.

Speaking at the announcement of the Blulift Standard, John Cusack, Managing Director of Blulift outlined the introduction of the Standard was a result of the successful industry approach under its Be Wise at Height initiative. He explained:

‘the Be Wise at Height safety campaign made us more acutely aware of the many different variables that must be right to deliver a safe working environment at height. The development of the Blulift Standard is designed to assure our customers from the multinational company, council to tradesman that the entire Blulift process meets an industry standard. This applies across all business activity; from training to hire of powered access equipment.’

In developing its portfolio of specialist machinery equipment, Blulift has introduced a wide range of new options that include self drive access equipment under their UDrive brand to Blulift Spider Lifts and Trailer Lifts.

Blulift have also recently added a number of major investments in expanding its specialist stock including;

· Teupen Leo 30T, the only 30 metre Spider Lift in Ireland and renowned worldwide for its performance and productivity with both indoor and outdoor usage options;

· 3232 Electric Scissors Lift used for factory maintenance, pharmaceutical plants and data protection storage outlets. A further 20 Scissor Lifts have also just arrived on site to meet demand and for immediate usage across all sectors.