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Spider Lifts | Blulift 120

The Blulift 120 self drive work platform delivers an impressive working envelope and with the advantage of a telescopic upper boom, supreme accuracy when positioning the platform.

Hydraulic outriggers and 45% grade-ability allow the 120 work self drive platform to be driven and levelled on uneven surfaces making it ideal for environments with rough or softer ground and it’s low overall weight means better fuel efficiency and lower transportation costs.

Blulift’s highly effective Bi-energy system increases flexibility and maximises utilisation allowing the 120 self drive work platform to operate for longer and in a wider range of environments.

For more information regarding the 120 or any other self drive work platform, including the 150, 210, C170 or C230 please contact us

Working Width
3.00m (9ft 10in)
Safe Working Load
120kg (265lbs) Optional 200kg (440lbs)
Outrigger Type
Machine Width
1.15m (3ft 9in)
Platform Height
10.20m (33ft 6in)
Working Height
12.20m (40ft)
Minimum Weight
1850kg (4080lbs)
Working Outreach
6.10m (20ft)
Power Options
On and Off
Cage Size
0.75m x 0.65m (2ft 6in x 2ft 2in)
Machine Length
Long Vehicle
Retracted Width
0.75m (2ft 6in)
Machine Height
1.90m (6ft 3in)

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