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Scissor Lift Electrical | Blulift GR 15

The Blulift Runabout™ is ideal for stock-picking, transporting, inventory management, general maintenance and construction. It’s a compact, low-weight machine that is drivable when fully elevated for maximum productivity.

Compact Access
These models fit in most passenger elevators and can be driven through doorways with the operator on board.

Driving and Steering
Zero inside turning radius, 30% grade-ability, a spring-applied hydraulically released brake system and non-marking solid rubber tires enhance manoeuvrability.

Simple Operation

Platform controls include on-board diagnostics, and proportional lift and drive controls provide a smooth ride. Auxiliary platform lowering enables descent in the event of a power failure.

Platform Height
3.48m (11ft 5in)
Safe Working Load
227kg (500lb)
Working Height
5.48m (17ft 5in)
Machine Width
75cm (2ft 5.5in)
Minimum Weight
994kg (2192 lbs)
Machine Length
1.35m (4ft 5in)
Power Options
24 V (four 6 V 225 Ah batteries)
Machine Height
1.57m (5ft 2in)

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