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Material Lift | Blulift Genie Lift

  • Ideal for a wide variety of tasks
  • Choose from three base options (standard, straddle, counterweight)
  • Lightweight durable aluminium construction
  • Single door access
  • Compact and very manoeuvrable
  • Standard winch
  • Optional electric winch
  • Optional ladder
  • Optional boom to turn the Genie® Lift™ into a vertical crane or hoist capable of lifting 95 to 227 kg

Specifications based on the GL-4

Power Options
Reversible standard winch or electric winch
Safe Working Load
227kg (500lb)
Minimum Weight
51kg (113lb)
Machine Width
63cm (2ft 0.75in)
Machine Length
30cm (1ft)
Machine Height
1.72m (5ft 7.5in)

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