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Material Lifts

Materials Lifts

Blulift has introduced a wide range of material lifts to offer even more portable access solutions for a wide range of applications. These low cost material lifts are designed to enhance productivity with ease of use for a one person set up and operation in addition to transport in a standard pick up or van.

A wide variety of product options and accessories make our material lifts extremely adaptable to fit your specific needs both indoor and outdoor. Their range of versatile applications include positioning and installation of a wide variety of materials such as metal and fibreboard air ducts, overhead sprinklers/plumbing, plasterboard or ceiling panels, and electrical fixtures.

For all product specifications please click any of our Materials Lifts options Blulift Genie Lift, Blulift Load Lifter, Blulift Super Hoist, Blulift Tower, Blulift Superlift Advantage or Blulift Superlift Contractor