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Blulift Green Standard

Blulift Green Standard

Blulift is committed to working to our strict code of Green standards.  From our depot’s green working practices to the provision of green energy fuel options we strictly adhere to our Green Work practices  based around the Blulift Green Energy Standard.

Blulift Green Energy Standard

We have developed the Blulift Green Energy Standard for our powered access equipment and maintenance services.   This Green Standard has been adopted for our entire range and services including specialist access equipment, powered access, operations and maintenance. We have introduced new specialist access equipment such as Trailer lifts and Spiderlifts that provide the operators with dual energy options based on their hybrid power sources to enable you support your green credentials. In addition to their ability to operate on hybrid energy platforms, Spiderlifts and Trailerlifts facilitate more efficiently and productivity on jobs they employed for.

Our new equipment and services are constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener operating structures with the objective of reducing the overall impact on the natural environment and human health. This is the reason why we focused on the key issues of Reduction, Efficiency and Protection (R.E.P) in developing our green energy standard.

The Blulift Green Energy Standard is structured around the following R.E.P. pillars.  These are:

Reduction – Reducing waste, pollution and environmental impact
Efficiency – efficient use of energy and other resources when employing our equipment
Protection – Protecting user health and improving employee productivity

Our new Green Energy Standard addresses more than just energy.  All our operations from administration, equipment service and maintenance adhere to all our new green code of operation demonstrating our commitment to green practices.