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2013 Pioneering Launch for Blulift

The coming weeks sees the arrival of the latest industry technology to Blulift. The Nifty Lift HR 21 represent the leading edge in powered access equipment.  The new HR 21 will be formally launched by Blulift in January 2013.

The specialist HR 21 represent a major investment in safety with the inclusion on the SiOPS system which will be the new safety standard in boom lifts.

What you need to new about the HR 21

–          HR 21 is 50% lighter than any other comparable booms resulting in greater operating efficiency.

–          Works at 20.8 metre height and 12.5 horizontal out reach

–          Includes the new SiOPS safety system which is intelligent software to avoid collisions and workplace accidents involving the machine operator.

–          Two HR21 machine can fit on a rigid truck resulting in lower transportation costs for customers.

–          Cost effective machines and environmentally friendly adhering to Blulift Green Standard.