Quick Access

Welcome to Blulift

Blulift is a nationwide supplier of

specialist access equipment.  We are

the access pioneers in the Irish market

introducing new services such as self drive

access equipment under our UDrive brand to

Blulift Spiderlifts  and Trailerlifts catering for

very specialist access requirement..  Blulift offers

full hire, sales, training and maintenance services for

all varieties of specialist powered access equipment.

We have the access solution for every job requirement

whether in a confined area, working indoors or for jobs

at height that are difficult to reach safely.

Blulift UDrive

The Blulift UDrive is the newest

innovation in the Irish powered

access market.  Our UDrive provides

all types of businesses with an access

service that will improve working efficiency,

mobility and range of jobs that can be tackled.

Our UDrive system is effectively a cherry picker

mounted on a self drive vehicle requiring a minimum

level of training from a usage and safety perspective.

Blulift Spiderlifts

Blulift offers the most complete

range of Spiderlifts working from

heights of 12 metres to 23 metres.

The versatility of the Spiderlift machines

allows you to work in areas inaccessible

to conventional access equipment. Popular

applications include construction and facilities

maintenance in shopping malls or office atriums

MEWP Training

Our training caters for:

  • Preparing for your first hire
  • Renewing your existing MEWP card
  • Expanding the number of categories on your card


The flexibility of the UDrive allowed us to cover a number of jobs in one day across a number of sites using just one staff member to drive and operate the machine so is far more cost effective for ourselves and the customer.  You will see a lot more usage of this type of equipment for those reasons alone